Jenny Gunnarsson Payne intervjuer Kvinnekongen

Dette er et utdrag av et intervju av Jenny Gunnarsson Payne på Grassrootsfeminism. Klikk deg inn og les alt.

The main aim is to continue the search of forgotten Kvinnekonger.

Secondly, I like to throw wrenches in the machinery. Like third-wave feminists I reject essentialism. This produces juxtaposition or an intended paradox when I take aim at worshipping female assets and skills.


One thought on “Jenny Gunnarsson Payne intervjuer Kvinnekongen

  1. Hi sweet!!! How are you?

    I’m writing you because we are promoting our international Campaign «A safe World For Women». I post it on my blog too, and we have a beautiful video, and tweets. Can you help me and share it here on your blog? If so, let me know and I give you our material (embed video, and more), and you choose what you prefer.

    Thanks a lot, dear


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